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Bokaro Mahila College

The biggest and 1st indigenous Steel Plant of India was set up with Russian Collaboration at Bokaro in the Year 1965. The makers of the Steel Plant not only visualized a massive and modern Steel Plant, but also planned a beautiful well laid out city with Schools, Hospitals, Parks, Market, & other requirements of the modern city.

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Principal Corner

The biggest and 1st indigenous Steel Plant of India was set up with Russian Collaboration at Bokaro in Year 1965. 

Our Vision

1. Improve the quality of education

2. Empower students by exploring their hidden potential

3. Prepare girls for future leadership roles

Our Mission

1. Women empowerment

2. Value equality, unity, justice and fair-play

3. Ensure safety of heritage, culture and environment

Our Courses

1. Intermediate

2. Bachelor Degree Course

3. Beautician

Our Facility

1. College has 2 campus 1. Sector V- 3.5 Acre 2. Sector III- 10 Acres. A total of 10 Acre Land

2. Huge Library, 4 Hall, 9 Large Rooms

3. Library, Well equipped lab, Play Ground, National service scheme

About Us

History of Bokaro Mahila College

1. Bokaro Mahila Mahavidyalaya was established on 29th March 1976 i.e. 40 years ago in the middle school of Sector 3E with the help of Bokaro Steel Management to provide education to the Dalit backward girl students of Chas, Bokaro and nearby villages. Bokaro Steel Management was providing education up to the school level only, but our college lit the lamp of education up to the college level for women.

2. Since the year 1981, our school is teaching up to degree level. The present strength of girl students is around 3000. This college is registered under the provisions of 2 F and 12 B of UGC and has permanent affiliation by Vinoba Bhave University in all the three faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce up to the graduate prestige level

Principal Desk

Welcome to Bokaro Women’s College, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand. In today’s world, the meaning of education is equal to the blind race of competition which gives rise to the spontaneity and creative nature of the students. Let us again seek the true essence of education with the desire to move forward. Have a burning desire to explore different aspects of life in a creative way.

Bokaro Women’s College established in 1976 has completed 45 years of meaningful existence. The college has started a long journey from its humble beginning with 18 girl students. Our present strength is about 3500 girl students.
DR. Manju Singh Principal Bokaro Mahila College

Offered by
Bokaro Mahila College

Intermediate of Science
Duration-2 Years

Intermediate of Commerce Duration-2 Years

Intermediate of Arts
Duration-2 Years​

Bachelor of Science
Duration-3 Years​

Bachelor of Commerce
Duration-3 Years​

Bachelor of
Duration-3 Years

Honourable Members

Hon’ble MLA Shree Biranchi Narayan


Dr. Ajit Kumar


Dr. Ajit Kumar

University Representative

Dr. Manju Singh








Our Gallery

Old Photos

Awards to Students

We provide various kind of awards, medals, shields, etc to promote and recognize our students


National Service Scheme

We conduct a Programme for the development of the students


Well Qualified Teachers

We have the best team of qualified teachers and experienced faculty of various subject


Supportive Staff

Our teachers don't just teach the student but support them in a various way to groom well


Affliated to BBMK University

We are affiliated with Jharkhand Academic Council and BBMK University


Well Equipped Lab

We Have Well Equipped Lab of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Student Review

Grateful to Mahila Bokora College for shaping me into who I am today. Personalized attention, state-of-the-art facilities, and emphasis on leadership development made all the difference.
Sweta Singh
Mahila Bokora College provided me with a nurturing environment and dedicated faculty that propelled my academic and personal growth. Thank you so much. Proud to be an alumna!
Anita Thakur
Transformative experience at Mahila Bokora College! Supportive community, inclusive atmosphere, and top-notch education prepared me for success. Special thanks to DR. Manju Singh for Scholarship
Afreen Nair