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Department of Arts

Department of Economics

The Economics Department at Bokaro Mahila College, Bokaro, was established in 1978. The department offers courses covering fundamental topics such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, quantitative techniques, as well as specialized areas like Public Finance, International Trade, Money and Financial Markets, and Indian Economy. It boasts a dynamic and accomplished faculty, supported by an enthusiastic student council that actively organizes seminars, lectures, and other events, providing ample opportunities for student engagement and contribution. Graduates have the option to pursue a Master’s program in Economics or seek direct employment in various corporate and government organizations.

Department of English

The Department of English at Bokaro Mahila College, Bokaro, was established in 1978.

The department provides the Bachelor of Arts (Honors/General) course spanning three academic years, divided into Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Aligned with the directives of the University Grants Commission, the college implemented the Choice Based Credit System (C.B.C.S.) in 2015-2018. This system offers a full-time Three-Year Degree Course in English under a semester mode structure.

Department of Hindi

Founded in 1978, the Department of English at Bokaro Mahila College, Bokaro, has a rich history.

The primary objective of any literature, particularly within the Honours Syllabus in Hindi, is to explore the intricacies of life, examine the forces that bridge the past with the present, and foster connections between individuals. The updated syllabus, designed to meet the demands of contemporary circumstances, exposes students to Hindi literature spanning over a millennium. Additionally, it provides instruction in language teaching, translation, and writing for mass media platforms. Beyond pursuing a Master’s degree, graduates in this field have the option to pursue further studies in teacher training, mass communication, or pursue careers in journalism and translation. The faculty comprises experienced educators committed to the art of teaching.

Department of History

Established in 1978, the Department of History and the Department of Hindi at Bokaro Mahila College, Bokaro, have been integral parts of the institution.

The study of history endeavors to equip students with insights into the current social, political, religious, and economic landscapes by delving into the knowledge of past civilizations.

History serves as a reflective tool encompassing all three temporal dimensions – the past, present, and future.

Department of Philosophy

Established in 1981, the Department of Philosophy at Bokaro Mahila College, Bokaro, has been a cornerstone of the institution.

The department offers Philosophy as a core subject in the B.A. program. Additionally, it provides four Generic Elective courses for other Honours students. These courses encompass significant milestones in the evolution of Logic, Ethics, Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Greek Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Socio-Political Philosophy, and Feminism, among others. Students stand to benefit from the intellectual rigor of the subject, fostering the development of analytical skills. This foundation opens avenues for further study, such as pursuing an M.A. in Philosophy, venturing into entrepreneurship, or preparing for civil services and other relevant competitive examinations.

Department of Political Science

Established in 1978, the Department of Political Science at Bokaro Mahila College, Bokaro, has a clear mission.

The department aims to equip students with the skills of creativity, critical thinking, and awareness concerning the contemporary challenges facing both society and the nation.

Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology of Bokaro Mahila College, Bokaro was founded in 1978.

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind & behaviour.